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1. My vehicle was damaged by a pothole, where do I send the bill?
2. How do I report a pothole?
3. How do I report a tree across a County road?
4. How do I report icy road conditions?
5. How do I report a street light out on the Cross Valley Expressway?
6. Do I need a permit for a residential driveway on a County Road?
7. How do I report a problem with a bridge?
8. When will Chase Road be paved?
9. A County plow truck damaged my mailbox (or other item), who do I contact?
10. How many roads does the County own?
11. How do I report a road water problem / blocked storm drain?
12. How to report damaged or missing signs?
13. How do I report a vegetation problem along a County Road?
14. Who do I contact to find out the right-of-way on a County road?
15. What is needed on a SALDO (Subdivision and Land Development Ordnance) Plan and submittal?
16. Who do I contact if I want to place anything in the right-of -way of a County road?
17. How do I contact the Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority?
18. Gypsy Moth spraying?