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911 Emergency Services

  1. Luzerne County 9-1-1 - Compliments Form

    Use this form the send a compliment to the Luzerne County 9-1-1 Center.

  2. What Is My Correct Physical Address?

    This will confirm to the sender where your physical address is located. All physical addresses should have a "City", "Borough" (Boro)... More…

  1. Luzerne County 9-1-1 Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Luzerne County 9-1-1 constantly strives toward excellence in dispatching and customer service. Your input and opinions are extremely... More…


  1. Contact Mark Rockovich

    Division Head of Correctional Services

County Council

  1. Contact Chris Perry

    County Council - Council Member

  2. Contact Eugene Kelleher

    County Council - Vice-Chair

  3. Contact Jane Walsh Waitkus

    County Council - Council Member

  4. Contact Matthew Vough

    County Council - Council Member

  5. Contact Sheila Saidman, Esq.

    County Council - Council Member

  6. Contact Tim McGinley

    County Council - Chair

  1. Contact Edward A. Brominski

    County Council - Council Member

  2. Contact Harry Haas

    County Council - Council Member

  3. Contact Linda McClosky Houck

    County Council - Council Member

  4. Contact Robert Schnee

    County Council - Council Member

  5. Contact Stephen A. Urban

    County Council - Council Member

County Manager

  1. Contact Brian Swetz

    Division Head of Budget and Financial Services

  2. Contact Dave Parsnik

    Division Head of Administrative Services

  1. Contact C. David Pedri

    County Manager

  2. Contact Harry Skene

    Acting Chief Solicitor


  1. Poll Worker Interest Form

    If you are 18 years of age or older, a registered voter of Luzerne County, and are interested in becoming a Poll Worker for Election... More…

  1. Watcher Request Form

    Complete this form to designate poll watchers for an upcoming election. Watchers must be registered voters in Luzerne County. Once you... More…

Human Services

  1. Contact Lynn Hill

    Division Head of Human Services

Judicial Services & Records

  1. Contact Joan Hoggarth

    Division Head of Judicial Services & Records

Operational Services

  1. Auction Pre-registration
  1. Contact Greg Kurtz

    Division Head of Operational Services

Public Defender

  1. Contact Steven Greenwald

    Division Head of Public Defender


  1. Contact Romilda Crocamo

    Division Head of Solicitors