What are the different types of hearings?

 Annual Appeal - Appeal of Total Assessment.

Property owners have an opportunity to appeal their assessment every year.  By appealing, the property is open to the re-valuation process in which the property assessment may be lowered, raised or remain the same.  Annual appeals may be filed by August 1 (or the next official business day should August 1 fall on a weekend) of each year.  In the case of an annual appeal, the Board decision does not take effect until tax bills are issued the following tax year.

Interim Appeal - Appeal of Increase in Assessment due to additional improvement to property.

The interim assessment represents the value difference (increase) attributable to any assessable improvement to the land and the resulting increase in land value, if any. Assessable improvements include, but are not limited to; new construction of a primary structure (dwelling or other building type), the addition to any such structure and the construction of any ancillary, contributory improvements such as swimming pools, sheds, garages, barns, etc.  Appeal forms for an interim appeal must be filed within forty (40) days of the date of notification of the assessment change. The appeal date will be noted on the Assessment Change Notice.  Any change is the assessment due to an interim appeal is effective for the interim effective date.

Catastrophic Loss Appeal - Appeal of a Catastrophic Loss.

A Catastrophic Loss due to fire, natural disaster etc. (50% or more of a loss) must be appealed within 60 days of the date of occurrence to be effective for the date of the disaster and forward. 

Homestead Appeal - Appeal of Homestead decisions.

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