How was I selected for jury duty?

The Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts provides each county with a county-specific list of potential jurors. The AOPC has received information from the Departments of Human Services, Transportation, Revenue, and State. Names are then chosen randomly from the list provided. Once you are selected for jury duty, your summons card is mailed to you. It is required that you respond to the summons within 7 days. The questionnaire establishes your eligibility to serve as a juror.

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1. How was I selected for jury duty?
2. Where can I park for juror duty?
3. Will I have a lunch break? What options are available for lunch?
4. Is there an exemption due to age?
5. How is a jury selected?
6. What if my employer doesn't allow me to serve?
7. Is my employer required to pay me while I serve as a juror?
8. What is the frequency of Juror Service?
9. Where do I report for jury duty once I arrive at the Courthouse?
10. What will my length of jury service be?
11. How will I be compensated for my service?
12. What happens if a person ignores a summons or fails to report for jury service?
13. Am I able to postpone my service date?
14. What if I need to be excused from my jury duty service?
15. What if there is an emergency on the date of my service?