What is an E-911 address?

An E-911 address is a site specific, locatable address. An E-911 address is assigned using a mileage measurement, accurate to 1/100th of a mile, to driveway on a named road. A 911 National Emergency Number Association (NENA) standardized measuring system standard is used. Measurements start at the south or west end of a through road. Driveways on the left side of the road are given even numbers and driveways on the right side of the road are given odd numbers, when possible.

People placing 911 emergency calls often have difficulty providing their addresses. Children, visitors, hearing or speech impaired callers, or callers in a life threatening situation, may not be able to provide address information to dispatchers. E-911 automatically gives the dispatchers the address, allowing them to send the appropriate fire, medical personnel, or law enforcement, even if the caller is unable to communicate.

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