What is a geographic information system (GIS)?

GIS is a tool that displays and analyzes mapping data to obtain more information about features. The main software package that we use is called ArcGIS and is purchased from ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute).  

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1. What is a geographic information system (GIS)?
2. What kind of data is used in a GIS?
3. What is a shapefile?
4. What is spatial data?
5. What is attribute data?
6. How do I obtain a map of my property?
7. My property lines appear to be incorrect on the GIS/Mapping Portal, what should I do?
8. What year was the aerial photo on the Online Portal taken?
9. I want data that is not on the fee schedule, where can I get it?
10. Where can I obtain a more exact (engineering quality) map of my property?