Who is eligible for Specialty Court?
  • An offender who voluntarily expresses interest in the court.
  • An offender who resides in Luzerne County.
  • An offender with a documented diagnosis of mental illness, mental disability or dually diagnosed with a mental illness in conjunction with substance abuse but the primary diagnosis being mental illness.
  • An offender who is motivated to comply with medication and Mental Health treatment and behavior requirements.
  • An offender who is currently charged with committing a misdemeanor and/or felony in Luzerne County.
  • Any ARD eligible offense, excluding DUIs.
  • A client facing probation/parole revocation.

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1. What is Specialty Court?
2. What are the goals of Specialty Court?
3. Can I be forced to participate in Specialty Court?
4. Who is eligible for Specialty Court?
5. Who is not eligible for Specialty Court?
6. What is expected of me in Specialty Court?
7. What is the benefit of Specialty Court?
8. How do I apply for Specialty Court?