Who submits the bills to the insurance company?

The party who arranges for the health care services shall submit the bills to the primary and secondary health insurance carrier(s) for payment. The Plaintiff must submit to the Defendant, within thirty (30) days of discovery, that an insurance company did not pay the full amount of any medical bill, copies of the bill, the insurance carrier's statement, and the completed Medical Enforcement Form, for reimbursement payment. It is suggested that you make copies of the bills, insurance statements, and Medical Enforcement Form so you can maintain accurate records of these expenses.

Upon receipt of the copies, the Defendant/Plaintiff has an additional thirty (30) days to remit their respective percentage of the uninsured medical expenses directly to the party who arranged for the health care services or to the provider of the service (doctor, hospital, dentist, etc.) along with a notice of payment to the other party.

Note: When the party who carries the health insurance receives payment for services rendered, payment shall be promptly made to the health care provider, as required. If payment is not made within thirty (30) days, a written request for enforcement of the uninsured expenses must be submitted to the DRS, enclosing a copy of the same Medical Enforcement Form, bills, and insurance statements in the complaint. The total balance due on each bill must be circled. The DRS may seek a Petition for Contempt of Court if the Defendant willfully fails to comply with the provisions within a Support Order for uninsured medical expenses. Please refer to the medical support enforcement guide for further information.

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