Do I have to agree with the Conference Officer with regard to the amount of support recommended?

In most cases, our Conferences Officers are able to make a recommendation that is acceptable to both the plaintiff and defendant. In the course of your conference, your income and extraordinary expenses will be reviewed. Based on the facts given at that time, the amount of support to be paid/received will be recommended. If both parties agree to this recommendation, an agreement will be prepared and signed immediately, with instructions given for method of payment. This agreement will become an Order of Court after it is reviewed and signed by a Judge.

However, in those cases where an agreement cannot be reached, the Conference Officer, within 10 working days, will prepare a Proposed Order of Support and send it to the parties and their respective attorneys. Either party then has 20 days to file a written Request for a Hearing before our Master. A fee is charged. Once the Request is filed, the Proposed Order of Support becomes an Interim Order and support payments should begin immediately. If a defendant is employed, an Income Attachment will also begin immediately. If a Master's Hearing is not demanded, a final order will be entered in the amount of the Proposed Order of Support. A demand for a Master's Hearing must be filed with 20 days at the DRS Docket Office and a Master's Hearing will be scheduled.

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