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Trauma 108 - Trauma and Racism

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Trauma and Racism

We will integrate trauma principles, highlighting the profound impact of racism,

offering ideas with regard to the responsibilities of white and BIPOC to actively promote

anti-racism and social equality. There are opportunities for individual reflection

and constructive conversations among participants to allow consideration of action

steps to take as individuals, communities and a society to challenge and change

attitudes, beliefs and behaviors around race.

This workshop provides information with a focus on:

• Defining basic aspects and components of racism, historic

racism and researcher bias

• Implicit Bias and the Neuroscience of Bias

• White Privilege, Colorism and Microaggressions

• The Intersection of Trauma and Racism

• Reasons to have Hope including Theory of Change, Social

Movement and Tipping Point

• A.R.C. of Racial Reconciliation

• Constructive, Critical and Courageous Conversations

• The Myth of Race

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