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System of Care - Trauma 102: Basic Skills of Trauma-Informed Care - Virtual Training

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Trauma 102 - Basic Skills of Trauma-Informed Care  

Overview:  Building on information provided in Trauma 101, professionals expand their understanding of trauma and are provided specific skills that enhance abilities to interact in emotionally and relationally healthy ways with people impacted by trauma. As professionals become trauma-aware, they have a responsibility to prevent, avoid and respond to trauma. In this hands-on, interactive workshop professionals are provided opportunities to implement and practice the skills presented.


Workshop Topics:  Review of 101, Personal Safety Plans,     Dr. Bruce Perry’s Regulate-Relate-Reason, HUG (Hear-Understand-Give Back), RESSQ (Reassure-Explain-Share-Solve-Question), Application of HUG and RESSQ, Intentional Breathing 

Registrants will receive a link and materials prior to training.


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