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System of Care - Trauma 101: An Overview of Trauma-Informed Care - Virtual Training

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Trauma 101 - An Overview of Trauma-Informed Care

Overview:  Research shows that 67% of the population has experienced at least one Adverse Child-hood Experience. These trauma-based adversities are predictive of a multitude of toxic physical, mental and social outcomes through-out a person’s lifetime. As a society and as individuals, we need to be better informed and prepared to prevent and address the traumatic impact of childhood adversities.  In this mullti-media, interactive workshop, professionals work together to build a powerful image that helps them appreciate the complex nature of trauma and its aftermath.  

Workshop Topics:  Safety Plans, TedTalk with Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris, What is Trauma?, Principles of Trauma Brain Development, Kinds of Trauma Theory of Everything, Hope, Post-Traumatic Growth Reframe, Continuum of Sophistication.

Registrants will receive a link and materials prior to training date.

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