Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To promote opportunities for persons with mental and intellectual disabilities to be a part of and participate in the same valued experiences and life events as do other citizens. This mission will be accomplished through individually determined levels of support and services provided in a manner that protects the individual’s dignity and enhances the capacity for self determination.

The principle elements of the Mission Statement are:


"Self-determination" means freedom of choice, self-representation, and control, entrusting the individual to choose their own service needs and desired outcomes.

Community membership

"Community membership" means integration, full participation, and acceptance of the individual into the community. Services must be made available to correspond with the needs and lifestyles of the individuals living in the community.


"Competence" means the individual has the ability to function effectively. Additionally, competence means the individual is capable of developing appropriate social skills, learning problem solving strategies, dealing with interpersonal stress, and making appropriate decisions of life, relationship, job, friends, and where and with whom to live.