2019 Senior Farmer's Market Nutrition Program

 Proxy Form 2019

Voucher Distribution Locations 2019


The Area Agency on Aging for Luzerne & Wyoming Counties announces the Distribution Schedule of the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Vouchers provided by the United States and Pennsylvania Departments of Agriculture.  To be eligible, you must meet all three requirements below:

  • Be a resident of Luzerne or Wyoming Co.  –Proof of residence required.
  • Be at least 60 years of age by December 31, 2019-Proof of age required.
  • Meet income guidelines based on 2019 Total Household Income: (All income is included, i.e. Social Security, Pension, etc.) -  Self declaration.  Program officials may verify eligibility information.
  •                         1 Person/Household - $23,107 or less      
  •                         2 People/Household - $31,284, or less 
  •                         3 People/Household - $39,461 or less         
  •                         4 People/Household - $47,638 or less
  • Each qualifying individual is allowed four (4) $5 vouchers for a total SFMNP benefit of ($20) one time per year.
  • Vouchers will not be sent out by mail.
  • A person is not eligible if he/she resides in a nursing home, convent or residential facility where meals are prepared.

  •  If the eligible senior is unable to pick up the vouchers, he/she can send someone (proxy) to pick up the vouchers as long as the proxy brings the signed and completed 2019 Proxy Form with them when picking up the vouchers.  The individual acting as “Proxy” will need to bring his/her identification.   The “Proxy Form” shown in this paper can be used.  The “Proxy Form” is also now available at any of the Active Adult centers sponsored by Area Agency on Aging listed below but must be picked up, completed and signed prior to the date the vouchers are obtained.   The “Proxy Form” can also be obtained through our agency’s website, www.luzernecounty.org under Department--Area Agency on Aging--News.  NO OTHER FORM OR NOTE WILL BE ALLOWED. 

  • A limit of two (2) Proxy forms is allowed per person. 
  • A spouse must have the official proxy form (completed and signed) when picking up vouchers for his/her spouse. 
  • 3)   A person having Power of Attorney must have the official proxy form (completed and signed) when picking up vouchers.



Any questions, please call Rhonda Adams, Area Agency on Aging @ 822-1159 Ext. 2337.