2018 Senior Farmer's Market Nutrition Program

Schedule of Distribution of Vouchers Schedule for 2018

Proxy Form for 2018

This program was established in 2002 by the Federal and State Dept. of Agriculture to (a) provide seniors who are nutritionally at risk, resources in the form of fresh, nutritious unprepared foods (such as fruits and vegetables) from farmers’ markets; and (b) expand the awareness and use of farmers’ markets and increase sales at such markets. In collaboration with Area Agency on Aging, the vouchers are distributed annually to eligible seniors statewide.


  All three of the Program Requirements must be met and are the following:

  1. The person must be at least 60 years old or turn 60 by Dec. 31st by the end of this year. (Proof of age required)*

  2. The person must reside in Luzerne or Wyoming County. (Proof of residency required).*

  3. The person’s total household income must be within 2018 Income Eligibility Requirement listed below:                                      

1 person in household – $22,459

2 people in household – $30,451

3 people in household – $38,443

4 people in household – $46,435

A person is not eligible if he/she resides in a nursing home, convent, or residential facility where meals are prepared.

Senior Farmers Market Vouchers are distributed every June/July. In late May Distribution Sites/Times are advertised in the newspaper and can also be accessed by clicking on the link provided above.  Also, this information can be obtained in May by calling your nearest Active Adult (Senior) Center.

The eligible senior receives four $5 vouchers for a total SFMNP benefit of $20 one time per year. The vouchers can only be redeemed at a local farmer’s stand who is a participant of the program. Only Pennsylvania grown fresh fruits and vegetables can be bought with the vouchers; baked goods, dairy products, meats, eggs or processed foods such as apple cider, honey, jams, and nuts are not allowable. 

A representative can pick up vouchers for an eligible senior as long as they have a signed and completed proxy form. The proxy form must be picked up at any of the Active Adult centers PRIOR to the date of voucher distribution. The proxy form is also available above. After the proxy form is completed and signed by the participant and representative, the representative can then bring the form to the distribution site on the scheduled date to pick up the vouchers. The representative must show his/her ID when picking up the vouchers. 

*A PA driver’s license or photo license would be sufficient to show age/residence eligibility for the program.  

Anyone with Power of Attorney must have a proxy form signed and completed when picking up vouchers.   Please click on the link provided above to printout a copy of the proxy form.

Husband/wife picking up for spouse must have a proxy form completed and signed by spouse when picking up vouchers.  

Any questions, please call Rhonda Adams, Area Agency on Aging @ 822-1159 Ext. 2337.