Luzerne-Wyoming Counties System of Care Initiative

System of Care is a philosophy on how services should be delivered. System of Care is about changing the way that youth, families, government and communities carry out their responsibilities to each other:

• Youth and families are acknowledged to be central to the identification and delivery of services and supports,

• All child-serving systems collaborate, share resources and support one another,

• Natural supports are as important as paid services,

• Youth and family organizations support individual youth and families and help make policy and funding decisions,

• Communities are engaged and transformed to be welcoming and supportive of all youth and families.

System of Care is committed to enhancing the County’s youth and family voices. Through System of Care, two positions have been created: (1) Lead Family Contact and (2) Youth Task Lead. Both positions will work with other youth and families to develop support and advocacy organizations to sustain this service beyond the current System of Care Grant.

System of Care is also committed to creating a trauma informed community. System of Care is currently contracting with Lakeside Global Institute to provide ongoing trauma trainings to the workforce, schools and youth & families in the community. Concurrently, enhanced training is being provided to individuals to develop more trauma competent professionals with the goal of these individuals being able to provide trauma certified counseling as clinicians, promote trauma informed practices in their respective agency, and/or become local trauma trainers for sustainability beyond the system of Care Grant.

System of Care has developed a Youth Drop-In Center in partnership with The Catholic Youth Center. This is a central place for self-help, advocacy, education and socialization for youth aged 14 to 18. This includes a focus on the population impacted by and currently in mental health recovery.

System of Care is also working with Open Table. Open Table is a transformative, proprietary model focused on relational and economical poverty and it is showing research results which makes it a promising practice. Open Table is faith-based, government partnership where the model implements and trains a system that activates open access to the unlimited intellectual and social capital and community connections of faith community members, congregations, not-for-profits, along with their combined community networks to support the plans of the transitional aged individual being served. This model can also be implemented in other populations which can include serving families as a whole. This model will be launched in the Summer of 2018.

For more information, please contact: 

Joe Kloss, Project Director

Luzerne-Wyoming Counties System of Care

(570) 408-1332