Residential Recycling Guide 

Proper Ways To Prepare Items To Be Recycled
New cover 2019

The Luzerne County Recycling Office (LCRO) has assembled this guide in a continuing effort to promote recycling. This guide is designed to aid the residential sector as to where various materials can be recycled. The information in this guide is based solely on information supplied by the recyclers at the time the guide was compiled. Every attempt has been made to verify the information contained in this guide. The LCRO does not assume responsibility for or guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.  Alternative recyclers may be available and the listing of recyclers in this guide does not constitute any endorsement on the part of the LCRO.  It is suggested, that before any material is taken to these recyclers that the individual contact the listed recycler to verify pricing, hours of operation, specifications, acceptability, and any other concerns between the guide user and the recycler listed.