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What Can be Recycled…….Environmental Impact...

 How to Get Involved.........Rules and Regulations  - DEP - Department of Environmental Protection

PROP (Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania) -

Thermostat Recycling Corporation -

Glass Packaging Institute

GPI is the North American trade association for the glass container 

manufacturers and suppliers to the industry.

Keep America Beautiful - provides information on waste management, 

litter, cleanups, etc.

American Forest and Paper Association discusses recycling paper 

products and has lots of interesting information about paper.


Call the RECYCLING HOTLINE-1-800-822-8837 to find out where 

to recycle household batteries, small drill batteries, flashlight batteries etc. 

All you will need is your zip code and you will find out which stores 

near you accept these batteries and more!

A Comprehensive Recycling Guide-

Below are useful guidelines that cover recycling for most American cities. Keep in mind that you might have additional options, as the rules, and options of what to recycle can vary from one city, county or country to the next.


Welcome to Close the Loop! Buying US-made recycled products from Close the Loop supports small, progressive, environmentally responsible product manufacturers who create innovative materials, recycled products and green building materials, and gain valuable LEED points. Close the Loop offers many recycled products that can be used to improve the beauty surrounding your home/business while minimizing annual maintenance (plastic fencing, glass mulch) and improve the safety surface of your children’s playground or public-use playgrounds (rubber mulch).

National Association for Plastic Container Recovery - focuses on recycling of #1 PET bottles.

Recycler’s World

U.S. Environmental/Recycling Hotline

puts geographically specific information at your fingertips. This site includes information on recycling centers, household hazardous waste, and buy recycled.

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