2023 ANNUAL RECYCLING REPORT FORMS-ALL FORMS-COMMERCIAL AND MUNICIPAL - are due to the SWM/Recycling Department on Friday, March 1, 2024.  Not all three forms will be needed for each municipality that recycles.  These forms each have the Luzerne County logo and will be the only forms that will be accepted this year.

2023 ANNUAL MUNICIPAL RECYCLING REPORT FORM-for municipalities to complete ONLY.  Every town in Luzerne County must complete this form, even if you don’t recycle, please complete the contact information section and return to the office so that our files may be current.

2023 MUNICIPAL COMMERCIAL REPORT FORM-for all businesses that recycle and are requested to complete this form by municipalities.  Tonnage from this form should be included on the ANNUAL RECYCLING REPORT FORMS. Municipalities must submit this completed form AND the Annual Recycling Report for Calendar Year 2023. 

2023 TRANSPORTER-HAULER FORM (FOR MUNICIPALITES)-for haulers that collect recycling for a town. Municipalities should give to haulers that collect recycling in their town.  Haulers can complete the form and return to the municipal offices.  Municipalities then add these numbers to their Annual Municipal Recycling Report form.  You must submit the HAULER completed form AND the Annual Recycling Report for Calendar Year 2023.

2023 COMMERCIAL COMPLIANCE REPORT FORM-for businesses that do NOT report to a municipality but do recycle are asked to complete this form and report tonnage to the SWM/Luzerne County Recycling Department.