2019 Act 101 Recycling Reports

2019 ANNUAL RECYCLING REPORT FORMS-ALL FORMS are due Friday, March 6, 2020.  Not all three forms will be needed for each municipality that recycles.  These forms each have the Luzerne County logo and will be the only forms that will be accepted this year.

2019 Annual Municipal Report Form-for municipalities to complete ONLY.  Every town in Luzerne County must complete this form, even if you don't recycle, please complete the contact information section and return to the office so that our files may be current.

2019 Luzerne County Commercial-Municipal-Institutional Form-for all businesses whom recycle and are requested to complete this form.  Municipalities may request this information for tonnage for their ANNUAL MUNICIPAL REPORT FORM as well.

2019 fm Transporter Report Form-for HAULERS that collect recycling for a town. One form per municipality, please.

904 PERFORMANCE GRANT APPLICATION -The 904 performance grant application for CY2018.  Grant window closed September 30, 2019 .    GRANT IS CLOSED.


 902 Grant Round was announced in the PA Bulletin and is now open. 

Link to announcement: http://www.pacodeandbulletin.gov/Display/pabull?file=/secure/pabulletin/data/vol49/49-50/1859.html

The deadline for all applications is March 20, 2020. Here is the updated link to the new 902 grant application and instructions:


There are eligibility requirements for the 902 grant. If you have not applied in the last 4 years or if you have changed your ordinances recently then please send Berit Case [bcase@pa.gov] your waste, recycling and burning ordinances for review as soon as possible.

A pre-application meeting is required. Each municipality should call me or their to set up a meeting. The last date for a meeting will be March 13th. No meetings will be scheduled after that…no exceptions. For the pre-application meeting, each municipality should have:

1) The application mostly completed.

2) Examples of your recycling education to residents and businesses.