Register Vote

Voter Registration

Am I registered to vote? How do I register to vote?

Absentee Ballot Image

Absentee Ballot

What are the absentee ballot requirements? How do I apply for an Absentee Ballot?

voting system

Voting Machine Information

How do I use the electronic voting machine?

disabled voters

Voters with Disabilities

Information regarding polling place accessibility for voters with disabilities.

Provisional Ballot Image

Provisional Ballots

Information on Provisional Ballots and what to do next if you voted one.

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Polling Places

Where do I go to vote?

Emergency Ballot Image

Emergency Ballots

How to get an emergency absentee ballot.


Report Election Complaint

How to report issues at the polls, election fraud or irregularities.


College Students

Information on registering and voting for college students.


Student Engagement Initiative

Student outreach programs available to area High Schools.

upcoming elections

Upcoming Elections

Use this page to find information about upcoming elections.

hall of fame

Voter Hall of Fame

Are you a 50 year voter? Apply and be inducted into PA's Voter Hall of Fame.