Plan on retiring?

Well, you plan on retiring, congratulations, you made it!

Here are the steps you will need to follow to retire from Luzerne County.

 1. Know when the meetings are. We currently have 5 meetings scheduled for the
        year: January 19, February 16, , April 13, July 13, October 12, and December 7, 2022.
 All meetings are at 4 pm at the County Council Meeting Room

 2. To make the agenda for any of the listed dates, you need to leave employment
        one month before that meeting.
 For example, want to make July 13 meeting, you must retire June 1, 2022.

 3. You must then fill out Form 5 and Form 6 (see below Links)
Form 5
Form 6
         Complete these forms, give to your payroll clerk in your department, and you are

Two to four weeks after you leave employment you will receive your final options paperwork. You can fill out that paperwork and send back into the Retirement Department or if you have questions please contact Rick Hummer and he will help with any questions you may have.