Luzerne County Controller

What We Do

The Controller’s Office has the authority to conduct fiscal, performance, management, contract, grant, compliance, and/or related audits. Therefore, we audit and review the many entities throughout the County, including, but not limited to:

County Departments
The Courts
Magisterial Districts
Tax Collectors

We examine internal controls, assess compliance, evaluate procedures, and verify the completeness and accuracy of records pertaining to County funds and issue audit reports detailing our findings.

Additionally, we have the ability to monitor and examine County government and its operations. In order to achieve these tasks, we have been afforded the power of subpoena.

What We Don’t Do

We do not have authority to enforce any of our recommendations.

We do not perform Accounts Payable duties. In the past, that role was part of the Controller’s Office, with the Controller overseeing the payments made. Since Home Rule was enacted, the duties of Accounts Payable have been transferred to the Budget and Finance Department.