Concurrent Planning Unit


The Concurrent Planning Unit was developed as a response to the Adoption and Safe Families (ASFA), in an effort to ensure that children placed in foster care placement achieve a permanent plan in a timely manner. The Child Welfare standards of safety, permanence and well-being are woven through this unit’s practice.


This unit's main function, permanency planning, is achieved through the casework model. Each caseworker, along with the family, develops, monitors, and updates family service plans which seek to aid the family in the return home of their child(ren).

Family visitation, court preparation, linkage to community services, family support, and ASAF related documentation comprises the duties of the concurrent planning unit. As the name suggests, “concurrent planning” considers dual plans when working with families. If necessary, the goal of termination of parental rights and adoption are explored and considered when the grounds exist.