Luzerne County Employees Intranet


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  • How to classify and protect your Microsoft Office folders, files, and email. Download it here.
  • Evolve365 Launched: Luzerne County is pleased to announce the availability of Evolve365, a self-service online training portal for Microsoft applications.  Please use the icon below to access the training offerings.
  • myADP Launched: Luzerne County is pleased to announce the launch of the new myADP Portal for Employees.  County employees may access this portal by clicking the ADP link below. If you are already signed into the County network, you will be taken directly to your payroll account, otherwise you will be asked for your County e-mail address and password. Please note that sometimes the Internet Explorer login popup appears behind the browser window, so if you don't see it right away, just minimize IE and you should see the login box right there.  After logging in, restore the browser window to full screen.