Bingo Licenses

The Luzerne County Licensing Department is the exclusive agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the issuance of Bingo Licenses in Luzerne County.

Qualifications for Application

Luzerne County non-profit organizations which have existed and conducted business in furtherance of their constitution, charter, articles of incorporation and by-laws for two years prior to application are eligible to apply for a bingo license. First-time applicants must provide a copy of their by-laws or articles of incorporation. Senior citizen groups can apply immediately upon being organized.


The following fees have been set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Bingo Licensing:

  •   $100 (Yearly): Qualified non-profits conducting games more than two times per week
  •   $15 (1 to 3 Day): Qualified non-profits conducting games for no more than three consecutive days per year
  •   $50: Qualified Senior Citizen groups conducting games for their members only

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