About Filing Deeds

General Information

  • All foreign language documents must include written English translations to be recorded along with the original instrument.
  • The written consideration amount must match the numerical amount on all deeds and mortgages.
  • All deeds and mortgages must have a signed certificate of residence that is the grantee’s/mortgagee’s precise address with zip code.
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope of sufficient size is required with each recording submitted by mail. In order to avoid rejection, you should make sure the documents meet all legal requirements and that you have the proper checks enclosed, made payable to the Recorder of Deeds, for the correct amount. Documents submitted by mail without a return envelope of sufficient size will not be returned. Mail documents recorded are sent out in return mail the day after recording, upon verification.
  • Documents recorded at the front counter are typically returned immediately upon recording and scanning.
  • Any deficiency on the document may result in the Recorder of Deed’s rejection of the document.
  • White-out is not accepted on documents for recording.

Property Identification Number

All documents (excepting general powers of attorney and Uniform Commercial Code filings that do not affect real estate) require the property identification number to be certified on the document by the Luzerne County Tax Assessor’s Office with the office’s stamp and signature. Any questions, please contact the Luzerne County Assessor’s Office.

Notary Issues

  • The acknowledgment date should not predate the date of execution.
  • The acknowledgment must include the following: county, state, date, persons/corporate officers appearing, notary signatures, and notary expiration stamp. If any of the above is missing, the acknowledgment will be considered defective and the document may be rejected.
  • The notary stamp must be clear and legible. All names on a document must match. The name(s) listed on the face of the document must be the same in the acknowledgment, including Jr., III, and so on. Names must appear in the acknowledgment exactly as signatures appear.
  • In a corporate acknowledgement, the individual’s name, title, and company name must be clearly stated in the acknowledgment.
  • No handwritten information may be added to the notary rubber stamp seal.


  • The appropriate transfer taxes must accompany deeds at the time of recording. If the deed is legally exempt from realty transfer tax, a realty transfer tax Statement of Value form must accompany the deed. This applies for all tax exempt deeds except for those that transfer property between specific family members, or to a public utility, and the exemption is recited in the deed. The statement of value form must be fully completed as per the Pennsylvania State Department of Revenue.
  • Deeds presented for recording with property in more than one municipality must clearly state in the document the amount of consideration to be applied to each municipality.


Re-recorded mortgages must be re-acknowledged if the body of the document is being changed.