Recorder of Deeds




The Temporary surcharge portion of the Judicial Computer Project/Access to Justice/Criminal Justice Enhancement/Office of Attorney General (JCP/ATJ/CJEA/OAG) fee of $21.25 has now been re-instated by the Legislature. The fee is now back to $40.25 as of November 3, 2023.


The Recorder of Deeds' Office records all real estate related documents along with notary public commissions and various elected official commissions. Recording of these documents preserves the integrity, accuracy and continuity of the records. Fees for recording documents are found on the  fee schedule.


Documents can be eRecorded by contacting one of the following eRecording vendors:

Real Estate Documents

The public can access all recorded real estate documents and obtain copies for general use or certified copies (in office only) to meet specific needs at the public terminals in the office or through the following websites:

  • Landex Remote: Here the customer sets up an account and then uses the money to draw down for complete access to the records and copies. (1968 to Present)
  • Landex Webstore: Here the customer has free access to the indices but is charged a fee to download a document for viewing and/or printing. ( Images 1968 to Present, Index 1993 to Present)
  • IQS Infodex/ E-Film Reader: Free to search older deeds. (1786 to 1967) Grantor/Grantee Index 1 through 5 can also be searched for free. (1786 to August 1, 1993) The Index is found under the Infodex heading at the top of the page.  Fee for copies.

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