Because of the ever-increasing economic and business activity throughout the county, and because so many tourists and visitors have found so much do in and around this beautifully scenic mountain and valley community, our restaurants are thriving. Luzerne County is a great place to entertain family, business associates, and your favorite friends.

Diverse Food

Because the immigrants that settled this region brought such an incredible diversity of cultures and foods with them, you'll find many of our exceptional neighborhood restaurants delightful reminders of the cultural heritage that made this great part of Northeastern Pennsylvania such a complex melting pot. Now, almost a century after massive immigration ended, our churches, social halls, and small restaurants, cafés, and taverns continue to preserve the heritage of our founders; they are serving wonderful foods that evoke a time before:

  • Automobiles
  • Cell phones
  • The Internet
  • Pizza delivery
  • Telephones
Wine Bottle and Glass

Newer Restaurants

Our newer restaurants, diners, taverns and delis also offer the foods we have all come to love - Thai, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican, French, and Japanese. You'll find exciting small restaurants and delicatessens tucked away in every corner of the county.

A Sampling of Restaurant Options in Luzerne County

Along with an ever-increasing number of well-known national chain restaurants (Damon's Grill, Outback Steakhouse, Chili's, TGI Friday's, Lone Star Steakhouse, Applebee's, Red Lobster, and Ground Round are examples) Luzerne County also offers discriminating diners an absolutely delightful selection of taverns, cafés, restaurants, and bistros. For example: 

Of note, in 2004 the Damon's Grill in Hazleton across from the entrance to PSU-Hazleton was recognized as the Number 1 Damon's Grill in the country.

Ice Cream

Residents often argue about who makes the best ice cream, but the fabulous selection at Hillside Farms Dairy in Kingston Township is always high on every ice cream lover's list. 

The Lion Brewery

The Lion Brewery is the largest regional and contract brewery in all of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Tours are available on Saturday afternoon. For the home chef, our numerous supermarkets provide everything from the basics to organics to specialty items. Gourmet shops entice shoppers with exotic fare. 

Other Goods

Orchards, farmers markets, and seasonal produce stands provide a bounty of goods during our growing season and beyond.