Easy Access

With it's location in the Northeast Corridor of the United States living in Luzerne County means your business or family has exceptional highway access to New York, New Jersey, Boston, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and to the rest of the world. This region is home to nearly 50 million residents and is the most heavily urbanized region. 

Interstate 81 & Interstate 80

The two primary Interstate Highways serving Luzerne County are Interstate 81 and Interstate 80. I-81 passes through the county for 42 miles from the southwest to the northeast. It links Luzerne County to Harrisburg, Maryland and Virginia to the south and to New York State and Canada to the north. I-80 passes through the lower portion of the county, intersecting with I-81 eight miles north of Hazleton, and 21 miles south of Wilkes-Barre. I-80 runs for roughly 22 miles through the county. I-80 is our link to New York City to the east, and Cleveland, Chicago and the rest of the continent to the west.

Our Arterial Highways & Roads Provide Easy Access to the Freeways

Depending on where your home, office or business is located within the county, one of our excellent arterial roads will get you to a high speed Interstate highway, and headed toward your destination, in just minutes. 


  • Route 309 runs through the mountains and valleys from Hazleton to Wilkes-Barre and then west across the Susquehanna River (as the Cross Valley Expressway) through Dallas and into the Back Mountain. 
  • Route 93 runs from Hazleton to Nescopeck and crosses the Susquehanna River at Berwick. 
  • Route 118 runs west from Dallas, past Penn State Wilkes-Barre, and is the primary access road to Ricketts Glen State Park. 
  • Route 11 runs along the west side of the Susquehanna River throughout the length of the county. 
  • Route 437 connects the southern part of Wilkes-Barre to White Haven on the Lehigh River. 
  • Route 115 is the connector road for the Wilkes-Barre area with I-476, and also connects with I-80 in Monroe County. 
  • Route 29 runs northwest from I-81 across the Susquehanna River (as the South Cross Valley Expressway) and then heads into the mountains towards Harvey's Lake. 
  • Route 92 travels along the west bank of the Susquehanna River from West Pittston to Wyoming County.
Map of Luzerne Location

Number of miles from the Wilkes-Barre area to major metropolitan cities and airports:

  • 65 - Allentown and Lehigh Valley International Airport
  • 106 - Harrisburg
  • 115 - Philadelphia
  • 120 - Newark International Airport
  • 132 - New York City
  • 220 - Washington, DC
  • 265 - Pittsburgh
  • 312 - Boston