Mental Health Court

Tasked with the supervision of those admitted into Specialty Court (Mental Health (MH) Court), Adult Probation and Parole provides weekly reporting services, enforcement and monitoring, and support for the judiciary.

The requirements of each participant are individualized based on a variety of factors but general mandatory requirements include weekly meetings with Probation/Parole Officers, active participation in recommended treatment, and weekly appearance in Court.

Application Information

In order to ensure the safety of the community and properly address the needs of the individual, all applicants to the program must be approved by the District Attorney’s Office and must undergo a thorough legal and clinical assessments. 

Assistant District Attorney Michelle Hardik is assigned to Specialty Court, attends Mental Health Court team meetings and plays an active role in decisions regarding participant sanctions. She represents the Commonwealth in all court appearances involving Specialty Court participants.

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Application Forms

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  1. Adult Probation & Parole

    Fax: 570-822-7866

  2. Jamie MacLunny

    Probation / Parole Officer - Specialty Court