Interstate Transfer

The Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS) was created and approved in 2002 to promote cooperation and coordination among the states and U.S. Territories in the transfer of supervised offenders across state boundaries. ICAOS exists to ensure public safety, has the authority of federal law, and supersedes any state law to the contrary. All 50 states and 3 territories follow the same rules for transferring adult offenders from one state to another. By law, all courts and administrative bodies must abide by the rules set forth.

To facilitate an inter-state transfer, offenders must adhere to all instructions given by the Interstate Transfer Officer. Once the transfer application is complete, Adult Probation and Parole will submit the request.

Rules & Regulations

While under supervision, offenders can never reside outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania without permission from their supervising officer based on federally mandated rules. Further information on transfer rules is available online.

Offenders Who Are Looking to Transfer Out-of-State

To assist in the process, complete the following form prior to meeting with your Probation/Parole Officer. The information provided will assist in determining transfer eligibility through ICAOS. Additional information regarding transfers is also included on the form:

Offenders are assessed an Interstate Transfer Application fee of $125 for each transfer request submitted. Offenders must sign an expressed waiver of extradition which includes an agreement to abide by the conditions of supervision of both Pennsylvania and the state to which they are requesting transfer.