Field Services & Community Supervision

Adult Probation & Parole supervises adults sentenced to county terms of probation, intermediate punishment, and/or released on parole. Officers provide intake and supervision services, make referrals to treatment providers, and conduct assessments and case reviews to ensure that supervision is appropriate. Officers assigned to Field Services maintain normal monthly reporting schedules and also make contacts with offenders in the community and at their homes. 


Officers are tasked with enforcing all court orders and special conditions for each offender’s sentence, which may include (but are not limited to): 

  • Anger management/batters evaluations and classes
  • Community service
  • DNA collection
  • Drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment
  • Employment / school requirements
  • Letters of apology to victims
  • Megan’s Law Registration
  • Mental health evaluation and counseling
  • No contact orders
  • Random drug and alcohol testing

Officers staff a number of specialized units with caseloads that specifically target sexual offenders, re-entrants, individuals subject to electronic monitoring, and domestic violence offenders. 

Rules & Regulations

All offenders under supervision are subject to the Supervision Rules and Regulations and any other conditions imposed by the Court of Common Pleas. 

Regular Supervision Rules & Regulations

SPANISH - Regular Supervision Rules & Regulations

  1. Carmen Lopresto

    Deputy Chief Probation Officer

  2. William McNulty


  3. Christopher Patte


  4. Alma McGarry