County Intermediate Punishment Programs

The County Intermediate Punishment (CIP) Act was enacted by the legislature in December 1990 (Act 1990-193). Related legislation (Act 1990-201) amended the Judicial Code to provide judges with the authority to sentence defendants to alternative programs, to avoid incarceration. CIP primarily targets those who would otherwise serve a sentence of county incarceration (less than two years), and sentences include a restrictive portion/program and a restorative sanction. 

Luzerne County’s Intermediate Punishment Program (IPP)

The Intermediate Punishment Program (IPP) typically utilizes house arrest with electronic monitoring (restrictive portion) followed by community-based (restorative) supervision. IPP allows offenders to remain in their community and usually includes additional conditions for offenders to fulfill, such as drug and alcohol treatment, random testing, community service, and fines/restitution. 

Application/consideration for a sentence to either of Luzerne County’s programs is typically ordered by the Court prior to sentence. Recommendations for participation and/or eligibility may be included in any Pre-Sentence Investigations conducted by Adult Probation and Parole.


  • Offenders must meet the definition of “eligible offender,” as defined by 42 Pa. C.SA. § 9802: persons who would otherwise be sentenced to a county correctional facility (pursuant to 42 Pa. C.SA. § 9724 or 9725), who do not demonstrate past or present violent behavior.
  • Offenders charged with DUI and related offenses (see 75 Pa. C.SA. § 3816 and 75 Pa. C.SA. § 3814) and current offenses that fall within Level 3 or 4 of the Sentencing Guidelines (see 204 Pa. Code § 303.12(a)(4)(ii)) are required to complete a drug and alcohol assessment prior to sentence.
  • Offenders should be residents of Luzerne County, but a transfer to another county within Pennsylvania may be possible if coordinated by defense counsel prior to sentence. IPP can only be transferred to other counties with IP programs who support the terms of the sentence imposed, including electronic monitoring capabilities.  

Luzerne County’s Restrictive Intermediate Punishment Program (RIP)

The Restrictive Intermediate Punishment Program (RIP) is for offenders who meet the requirements of IPP (above) and are also deemed to be in need of drug and alcohol treatment. Offenders placed into RIP are initially assigned to a period of intensive supervision (with or without electronic / alcohol monitoring) with an RIP-dedicated Probation Officer.

Rules & Regulations

Offenders sentenced to any program are subject to all rules and regulations (PDF) of Adult Probation and Parole. In the event that an offender fails to comply, the Court has the authority to revoke the sentence and to re-sentence the offender to any of the same alternatives available at the time of initial sentence, including addition IP, probation, or confinement.

Equipment & Costs

Electronic monitoring equipment is provided by, and property of BI, a GEO Group Company, located in the Luzerne County Re-Entry Center / Day Reporting Center, 125 N Wilkes-Barre Boulevard, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702. 

The costs associated with any form of electronic monitoring are owed directly to BI and the fees vary based on the court order. All costs are the responsibility of the offenders sentenced to the program(s). 

Additional Information:

Counties using county intermediate punishment programs are required to have an approved program on file with the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD).