Adult Probation & Parole


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Our mission is to provide balanced supervision that enhances public safety, reduces risk, and supports opportunities for rehabilitation and prosocial change.  Through the application of evidence-based practices and appropriate monitoring techniques, we strive to motivate those under our supervision to become productive, responsible, and crime-free members of the community. 

Adult Probation and Parole provides community-based supervision for adult offenders sentenced in the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, 11th Judicial District. Those placed under supervision are in the legal custody of Adult Probation and Parole until the expiration of their sentence. During that time, the Department has the authority, in the case of any violation, to detain an offender and make a recommendation to the Court for revocation of sentence. If the Court decides that the offender has violated their supervision, the offender may face commitment/re-commitment to prison for any such time specified by the Court, in accordance with the statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

While under supervision, offenders are subject to the rules and regulations of Adult Probation and Parole and all conditions imposed by the Court. 

Regular Supervision Rules & Regulations

SPANISH - Regular Supervision Rules & Regulations