If the parties cannot reach an amicable resolution regarding reimbursement amounts and a schedule for repayment, a request for reimbursement of medical support expenses must be submitted to the DRS and the reimbursement amount and schedule will be set by the DRS The request for reimbursement must include:

  • A completed medical enforcement for each Dependent (a separate form must be completed for each calendar year).
  • A copy of the medical bill and receipt for payment for each submission listed on the form
  • A signed "Authorization for the Release of Information" form
  • A copy of the insurance denial form for any claim, if applicable
  • A copy of the contract for payment of orthodontic services (i.e. braces), if applicable
  • A listing of any partial payments the Defendant has made to you, if applicable
  • Proof that you served the Defendant with notice of expenses (i.e. certified letter receipt)

If any of the required documentation is not included in the packet, the packet cannot be processed and will be returned to you in its entirety. Please withhold any requests for status updates for at least 30 days from submission due to the volume of work involved in processing reimbursement requests.

Review Process

If all required documentation has been provided, the request will be reviewed and the Defendant will be notified by the DRS of the amount he/she owes towards the obligation. If there is no valid dispute of any of the expenses, the Defendant's share of the medical support expenses will be added to the PACSES account and collected on the schedule approved or directed by the DRS If there is a legitimate dispute regarding the validity or eligibility of submitted expenses, a court hearing will be scheduled and both parties will be directed to appear to provide testimony so that the Court may make a determination to resolve the dispute.

Once the DRS becomes involved in the reimbursement request, all medical support checks or money orders must be made payable to PA SCDU and sent to:
Pennsylvania SCDU
P.O. Box 69110
Harrisburg, PA 17106

Be sure to include Defendant's name and SSN or member ID number on the payment to ensure proper credit.

Failure to Pay

If the Plaintiff has failed to pay the first $250 in medical support expenses for a dependent covered by the Court Order, the Defendant may submit a request for reimbursement of the amount he or she paid towards the child's deductible. Such reimbursement request will only be accepted after the end of the calendar year as we must determine the total amount of expenses each dependent incurred and the percentage of payment each party was to make towards the total expenses. 

If the claim is valid, the amount the Defendant paid towards the Plaintiff's obligation may be credited to your PACSES account.