The Domestic Relations Section is responsible for enforcing Court Orders to ensure that parents and spouses meet their established financial and medical support obligation to their dependents. Enforcement begins at the issuance of a Support Order directing the Defendant / Plaintiff to perform in accordance with that Order.

The Luzerne County Domestic Relations Section does not provide routine representation to persons having business before it.

Staff Attorney

Our Staff Attorney handles the establishment of paternity and the evaluation and coordination of paternity actions before the Court. In addition, our Staff Attorney will be available whenever the interests of the Department of Public Welfare are jeopardized and in other special situation. Your Support Officer will be available to discuss your needs in this regard.

In addition, our Staff Attorney assists in the utilization and implementation on non-routine enforcement remedies. The Staff Attorney also provides routine representation at all Court Hearings in inter-county and inter-state cases, unless the initiating plaintiff elects to be represented by private counsel. Our Staff Attorney, also, represents the department in all contempt matters.