Fee Schedule

All fees must be paid at the time the service is requested with the exception of the genetic testing fee. Fee may be paid by check, cash, or debit/credit card. However, a $20 service charge will be assessed if a check is returned by the drawer's bank for any reason.
Fee Amount
Arrearage Certification $10.00
Photocopy Cost (Per Page)
Objection to Conference Officer's Recommendation / Demand for Officer's Hearing. (Fee Must be Paid at the Time the Demand For Hearing is Filed)
Exceptions to Master / Hearing Officer's Recommendation / Request for Argument Court Hearing - (Fee Must be Paid at the Time of filing the Exceptions)
Genetic Testing Fee / Per Person - (which will be assessed against the Defendant unless the Defendant is excluded, in which case the DRS will pay the cost of the testing)
Judicial Computer Fee (Fee Must be Paid when a new case is filed)
Complex Case Designation for Master / Hearing Officer's Hearing, per half day requested (Fee Must be Paid when  the Order designating the case as Complex is filed)
Transcription Fee: (Original per page)
Copy per page
Petition for Modification fee $20.00