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2022 Ordinances

  • O-2022-01 Authorizing the Acceptance of a Proposal to Reduce the Interest Rate on the County of Luzerne, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Nonelectoral Indebtedness of a General Obligation Note, Series of 2019, Originally Issued in the Principal Amount of $33,305,000 for and Toward Financing a Capital Improvement Program, a Current Refunding Program and Paying the Costs of Issuing the Note; Providing for Maximum Interest Rate, Maximum Maturity Amounts and Place of Payment with Respect to the 2019 Note; Making a Covenant for the Payment of the Debt Service on the Amended and Restated Note; Providing for the Filing of any Required Documents; Authorizing the Execution of Documentation Memorializing the Change in Interest Rate and Delivery Thereof Including the Delivery of an Amended and Restated Note and Authorizing Other Necessary Action
  • O-2022-02 Amending the 2022 Fiscal Year Budgets for Luzerne County (State Closure)
  • O-2022-03 Amending the 2022 Fiscal Year Budgets for Luzerne County (Convention & Visitors) 
  • O-2022-04 Amending the 2022 Fiscal Year Budgets for Luzerne County (ERA)
  • O-2022-05 Amending the 2022 Fiscal Year Budgets for Luzerne County (D&A)
  • O-2022-06 Amending the Administrative Code at Section 2.08 - County Council Investigations and Inquiries, Subsection A 
  • O-2022-07 Amending the Luzerne County Zoning Map to Re-Zone Three Parcels of Property totaling 12.95 acres in Newport Township from MI, Mining District Zone to R-2, Two Family Residence District Zone
  • O-2022-08 Amending the Capital Plan Budget for Luzerne County
  • O-2022-09 Adopting the 2023 Long-Range Operational, Fiscal and Capital Plan for Luzerne County 
  • O-2022-10 Amending the Administrative Code at Section 7.01(A) by Adding Section 7.01(A)(1) Issuance of Electronic Equipment 
  • O-2022-11 Authorizing and Approving a Project of the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Luzerne (The “Authority”); Authorizing and Directing the Incurrence of Lease Rental Debt, in the Aggregate Principal Amount Not to Exceed Fifty-Five Million Dollars ($55,000,000) Pursuant to the Act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Known as the Local Government Unit Debt Act, as Reenacted, Amended and Supplemented (The “Debt Act”); Determining that Such Debt Shall Be Incurred Under the Debt Act as Lease Rental Debt to be Evidenced by a Guaranty Agreement of the County Securing One or More Series of Federally Taxable and/or Tax Exempt Revenue Bonds or Notes (Collectively, The “Bonds”), to be Issued by the Authority at the Same or Different Times to Finance a Project (The “Project”) of the Authority Consisting of (1) Financing the Design, Acquisition, Construction and Equipping of the Reconstruction of the Nanticoke/West Nanticoke Bridge in the County and/or Such Other Public Infrastructure Projects as Approved by the County and the Authority, and (2) Paying the Costs and Expenses of Issuing the Bonds; Authorizing and Directing the Proper Officers of the County: (A) to Prepare, to Certify and to File the Debt Statement and Borrowing Base Certificate Required by Section 8110 of the Debt Act; (B) to Cause to be Prepared and Filed, Statements Required by Section 8026 of the Debt Act Which are Necessary to Qualify All of Such Lease Rental Debt for Exclusion from the Appropriate Debt Limits as Self Liquidating Debt; (C) to Execute, to Attest, to Seal and to Deliver a Guaranty Agreement Among the County, the Authority and the Purchaser Named Therein; Approving the Form of the Guaranty Agreement; Specifying the Amount of the Guaranty Obligation of the County Pursuant to Such Guaranty Agreement and the Sources of Payment of Such Guaranty Obligation; Authorizing the Proper Officers of the County to Take All Other Required, Necessary or Desirable Related Action in Connection with Such Project and the Execution and Delivery of the Guaranty Agreement; Providing for the Effectiveness of this Ordinance; Providing for the Severability of Provisions of this Ordinance; and Providing for the Repeal of All Inconsistent Ordinances or Resolutions or Parts of Ordinances or Resolutions
  • O-2022-12 Amending the 2022 Fiscal Year Budget for Luzerne County (Election Integrity Grant)