Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention Services for Infants & Toddlers
(Birth Through 2 Years of Age)

Early Intervention in Pennsylvania consists of services and supports designed to help families with children who have developmental delays or disabilities. Early Intervention builds upon the natural learning that occurs in a child's first few years of life. It is a process that promotes collaboration among parents, service providers and others, who are significantly involved with a child. 

Primary Developmental Areas

The primary developmental areas are:

  • Ability to move, see and hear - Physical development
  • Ability to talk, express needs - Language and speech development
  • Ability to relate to others - Social and emotional development
  • Ability to eat, dress and take care of themselves - Self help (or adaptive) development
  • Ability to think and learn - Cognitive development

Qualifications for Care

Infants and toddlers qualify for Early Intervention based on the following criteria:

  • 25% or greater delay in at least one area of development
  • Medical condition or disease that puts the child at high risk for developmental delay or a clinician's determination, called informed clinical opinion, that a concern exists even though it is not indicated by an assessment.
  • Test performance of 1.5 standard deviations below the mean on an accepted standardized test

Children do not need a diagnosis of intellectual disability to qualify for Early Intervention services. All children determined eligible receive free and appropriate services, regardless of the family's assets or income.

Local Interagency Coordinating Council (LICC)

Families, community persons, and service providers are invited to join the Local Interagency Coordinating Council (LICC) which addresses Early Intervention Services and supports in Luzerne and Wyoming Counties in Pennsylvania. For more information, phone Judy Kresky, Early Intervention Program Specialist at 570-831-7281.