Court Reporters

Under supervision of Court Administration, Court Reporters are charged with providing stenographic services to the Luzerne County Courts by means of reporting verbatim testimony in all court proceedings with the use of a stenographic machine.  Thereafter, if and when requested, and under specific guidelines spelled out in Pa. Rule 4000, we provide written or electronic transcripts of proceedings.  Our mission is to provide these services professionally, accurately and efficiently to judges, counsel and/or parties for either review or to facilitate the appellate process.

To request a transcript of proceedings, simply complete the Request For Transcript Form (PDF) and submit it: 

  • Via email to Angela Sallemi
  • Via U.S. mail to Angela Sallemi, Chief Court Reporter, at:
    Luzerne County Courthouse
    200 N River Street
    Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711
  • Via fax the completed form to 570-830-5194

Please be sure to provide a phone number on the form where you can be contacted to be notified of the costs and when the requested transcript is complete.

Transcript Requests For Children & Youth or Family Court Matters

Please note that all transcript requests for any and all Children & Youth or Family Court matters must be accompanied by a court order for transcription signed by the Honorable Jennifer L. Rogers, Family Court Judge, naming the specific hearing date and hearing master or judge. Any Children & Youth or Family Court transcript request submitted without a court order will not be processed.