Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Developmental Services

ODP Services Overview

Services for Persons With Intellectual Disabilities & Early Intervention Services

All services for individuals with Developmental Disabilities, which encompass Intellectual Disability, Early Intervention or Autism, should be evidence based and promote promising practices. The services should produce measurable and sustained beneficial outcomes and teach skills, provide direction and intervention and implement support to enhance the quality of life and community participation of our consumers and provide support to family members and caregivers.

Congratulations to everyone below on their accomplishments! We are thrilled to celebrate them during 2023’s Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month as we strive to raise awareness and promote inclusion. See their awards below.Judith Abbott

Jacob Canavan

Kevin Crouse

Gina Gardjulis

Brett Evancho

Kalee Shovlin

William Femea

Tina Noble

Stephanie Demshock

Dylan Feldmann

Margaret Evanoski

Joseph Redmond

Aidan Holman

Desiree Reed

Kyle Tiffany