About Us

Establishment of Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Mental Health & Developmental Services

Since the establishment of the Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Mental Health / Mental Retardation Program through the Mental Health / Mental Retardation Act of 1966, our mission has been and continues to be to promote opportunities for persons with mental and intellectual disabilities to be part of and participate in the same valued experiences and life events as do other citizens.

Following 2010's federal legislation mandating the removal of the term "Mental Retardation" from all federal statutes, Pennsylvania's Governor Corbett signed HB 458 removing the word "Mental Retardation" from the MH / MR Act of 1966. In June, 2012, these historic legislative actions were carried forward on a local level through the bi-county joinder's new name - Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Mental Health and Developmental Services. The new term" Developmental Services" represents a shift in how individuals with special needs are referred.

Our Purpose

Assisted by the Mental Health and Developmental Services Advisory Board, the bi-county Mental Health and Developmental Services' office provides a full range of mental health and intellectual disability services responsive to individual and community needs.

We believe that the care of our counties’ citizens with mental disabilities is a community responsibility. We also believe that people with mental disabilities can and do lead productive lives in the community when appropriate services are offered to them.

We welcome you to browse our website, which will help you find important information to assist you and your family. Contact us at any time that we may be of assistance to you.