Luzerne County Judges

Pictured in the 1st Row, starting from left: Honorable Lesa S. Gelb; Honorable William H. Amesbury; Honorable Thomas F. Burke, Jr; Honorable Tina Polachek Gartley; Honorable David W. Lupas.

In the 2nd row, starting from left: Honorable Jennifer L. Rogers; Honorable Fred A. Pierantoni, III; Honorable Richard M. Hughes, III; President Judge Honorable Michael T. Vough; Honorable Joseph F. Sklarosky, Jr.

The mission of the 11th Judicial District is to be dedicated to the administration of justice in a fair, timely, and impartial manner in accordance with the rule of law.  The Courts are committed to provide dispute and case resolution through legally fair procedures, ensure access to justice for all, promote effective, innovative services, and increase public trust and confidence in the Luzerne County Courts.  The Courts shall conduct its business with integrity, competence, transparency, and with a commitment to excellence.

All judges of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are prohibited by judicial rules of ethics from discussing cases with litigants and members of the public. Please do not contact the chambers of judges to ask questions about cases, to discuss cases, or to comment on cases. Judges are unable to respond to such communications. For additional information, please contact Court Administration at the following numbers: for Civil matters (570) 825-1596, and for Criminal matters (570) 825-1594.
Judge Location Phone Number
President Judge Honorable Michael T. Vough Courthouse, 3rd floor 570-830-5199
Honorable Thomas F. Burke, Jr. Courthouse, 3rd floor 570-830-5121
Honorable David W. Lupas Courthouse, 3rd floor
Honorable Tina Polachek Gartley Courthouse, 3rd floor 570-830-5144
Honorable William H. Amesbury Penn Place 570-825-1613
Honorable Jennifer L. Rogers Brominski Building 570-825-1852
Honorable Joseph F. Sklarosky, Jr. Courthouse, 3rd floor 570-825-1803
Honorable Lesa S. Gelb Courthouse, 3rd floor 570-825-1617
Honorable Richard M. Hughes, III Penn Place 570-408-8190
Honorable Fred A. Pierantoni, III Courthouse, 2nd floor 570-825-1826
Honorable Joseph M. Augello Penn Place 570-825-1541