Training Sites

Program Overview

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) employs qualified older workers in part-time on-the-job training positions, and assigns them to government or private, non-profit agencies serving the community. (Non-profits organizations must have a 501c3 designation from the IRS).

Wages and other costs of employing SCSEP participants are paid for by federal grant funds. There is no cost to a participating agency for having an SCSEP participant assigned to them.

The purpose of the SCSEP is to offer a “stepping stone” back into the work force. Positions are not meant to be permanent employment, and all assignments are temporary.

Training Site Expectations

Agencies chosen to be Training Sites with the SCSEP are expected to provide meaningful job skills training to the program participant assigned to them. They are also expected to help and encourage the participant’s job search efforts. Those agencies that can commit to hiring a participant upon the successful completion of the training will be given priority.

Participants undergo assessment, testing and counseling while on the program. Every effort is made to match the participant and the training site as closely as possible. Participants must be approved by the training site prior to assignment.

The program requires participants to attend periodic training sessions, and may also arrange for them to take classes to further increase their training and skills. Participants are not available to the training site during these times.

SCSEP participants may be trained in a wide variety of duties. These can include: providing social services to other seniors and the community, clerical / office support, cooking and kitchen duties, building maintenance and minor repairs, helping at child care centers, and many other tasks. We’re always interested in new training ideas.