About On-the-Job Experience

What is On-the-Job Experience (OJE)?

On the job experience is a program that benefits both participants of the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) and employers in the community. Employers may be entitled to receive cash reimbursements in exchange for training and hiring a SCSEP participant.

What Are the Employers Responsibilities?

The employer will agree to train the SCSEP participant (employee). The employer must agree to hire the participant (employee) upon successful completion of OJE

How is OJE Provided?

  1. Employers who need skilled individuals in their business are contacted or the employer may contact us. The employer will be assessed with regards to the working conditions, employment, and training opportunities.
  2. Participants of SCSEP are referred to the employer who then selects the person to be trained.
  3. A written contract between the referring agency, the employer, and the participant will be executed before the participant begins work with the employer.
  4. The employer and employee begin a satisfying working relationship.

Reasons Why Employers Should Consider OJE

  • Applicants are pre-screened, saving you time.
  • You interview and select the person. Once hired, your personnel rules will apply to the OJE participant.
  • You train the worker on your equipment.
  • You assess the worker during the training period to determine your satisfaction.
  • We help pay the training costs for new workers.