10 Reasons to Hire a Mature Worker

1. Dependable

Mature workers will be there to do the job when you need the job done. They will not take off for frivolous reasons. You can count on them!

2. Mature

Mature workers have the mature judgement and common sense that comes with experiencing life. They will not rush into hasty decisions.

3. Adaptable

Many mature workers are seeking part-time rather than full-time employment. They can adapt to the changing needs of your business.

4. Safe

Mature workers have better safety records than younger workers. They think about how to safely perform a task before they act. Increased safety will reduce your workers compensation costs.

5. Trainable

Mature workers referred to you by the program have been receiving on-the-job training at government and non-profit agencies. Their skills are up-to-date, and they are ready to put those skills to work for you.

6. Educated

Many of the mature workers being trained by the program have gone beyond their basic training, and have returned to the classroom for additional education. Their eagerness to learn makes them a valuable employee.

7. Creative

With a lifetime of experience to draw upon mature workers are able to contribute new approaches and creative ideas to your business.

8. Cooperative

Mature workers have already learned how to cooperate with other workers and work collectively for the good of your business.

9. Competent

Mature workers attended school when a high school diploma guaranteed competency in basic skills such as reading, writing and math.

10. Pre-Screened

The program will pre-screen mature worker applicants for you, and will only send you the ones best qualified for the job you need to fill. Just call the telephone number at the left today!