Foster Grandparent Program

The Foster Grandparent Program provides opportunities for low-income persons age 55 or over to extend supportive services in Health, Education, and Welfare settings to children having special or exceptional needs.


  • 55 or older
  • Able to meet income eligibility
  • Capable of serving at-risk children
  • In good physical and mental health
  • Willing to serve 20 hours per week


  • Annual physical exam
  • Free lunch-time meal
  • Recognition events
  • Socialization
  • Specialized training
  • Tax-free, hourly, monetary reimbursement
  • Transportation assistance / reimbursement
Elderly Man and Young Boy Playing Cards and Laughing

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What Do Foster Grandparents Do?

Foster grandparents are volunteers who offer love, wisdom, support and attention to children with special needs. They help children develop the skills, confidence and strength to succeed in school and, most importantly, in life.

Why Share Your Experience Through the Foster Grandparent Program?

  • Change the lives of children who need your support to conquer academic struggles, difficult family structures or poverty.
  • Enjoy a sense of purpose and the knowledge that you are making a difference.
  • Improve your community, one child at a time.
  • Participate in a thorough orientation and ongoing training each month.

Share Your Valuable Life Experience With the Children Who Need You Most

If you’ve ever spent 10 minutes reading a book to a child, you know that even a small amount of attention and compassion can make a world of difference. Become a valued, memorable part of the life of a child in need. Become a Foster Grandparent.