Mature Worker Program

About Our Program

The Mature Worker Program / Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) offers you an opportunity to get the job skills, and the job leads, to get that better paying job. The purpose of the SCSEP is to offer a “stepping stone” back into the work force. Positions are not meant to be permanent employment.


To qualify for the program a person must be at least 55 years old, a resident of Luzerne / Wyoming counties, and meet federal low-income guidelines. Since many people apply for the program, there might be a wait before we have a vacant training slot for which you can be considered.

What We Offer

SCSEP offers on-the-job training, referrals for additional classroom training (if appropriate), and referrals to employers in the community who are seeing the skills you have or will acquire in the program. It can also offer assessment, testing and counseling if desired or needed.

On-the-Job Training

The on-the-job training offered by SCSEP means that you will be assigned to train at a government or nonprofit agency for 20 hours per week. You will be paid the minimum wage by the program for the time you spend in on-the-job training, attending approved classes or program meetings, or otherwise engaged in authorized training activities.

Program participants with SCSEP perform a wide variety of duties. Your training will be customized to meet your individual needs. Typical tasks performed by participants include:

  • Providing clerical / office support for many different government and non-profit agencies where you can work on your computer skills, typing, or general office skills
  • Providing social services to other seniors and members of your community
  • Helping in the kitchen of senior nutrition sites
  • Many other types of unique and interesting tasks