Coroner Records & Permits

Coroner records, with the exception of cause and manner of death, are not public records. Therefore these records are not available for review by the general public. In accordance with existing law, it is the policy of the Luzerne County Coroner's office to only release the cause and manner of death concerning any deceased individual unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Coroner's Act and Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas via subpoena. All such records are filed and kept in the Luzerne County Coroner's Office as deputized custodian of these records.

Death Certificates

Individuals seeking information on how to obtain a copy of a death certificate may do so by calling the office of Vital Records, 844-228-3516. You may also order online by visiting the State Vital Records Website.

Cremation Permits

Funeral directors in need of a Cremation Permit, may do so by faxing a completed copy of the Death Certificate and Cremation Authorization From to 570-820-6319.