Application Requirements

To apply for a Public Defender attorney for adult case representation, please provide the following:

  • Driver’s License or Photo ID
  • Criminal Complaint and Affidavit
  • Pay stubs for last three pay periods
  • Current social security / welfare statements
  • Prior year’s W-2 or Tax Returns
  • Property tax for any and all property owned
  • Balance of mortgage on property
  • Car payment bill
  • If married, Federal Income tax for spouse
  • A letter from who is supporting you, if you do not have an income
  • Any other information asked for by the Public Defenders office

If financial documentation cannot be provided, you must provide a reason for your inability to provide this information.

Complete the fillable online application, if a question does not apply to you enter N/A. Once you have completed the application you must download it and attach it to the email in order to send it to the office. The email address is "". Once we receive your application an investigator from the office will contact you.

It takes approximately 48 hours to be approved for a Public Defender.